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Friday Featured Artist: Walt Taylor

Written by Alicia Luma.

Walt Taylor is my housemate. In fact, he was already living in the house when we purchased it (legally living, not like, squatting or anything) and I have no idea why he wasn’t featured as an amenity in the seller’s listing because, other than the gigantic front porch, he is the best thing about it.

Local Governments, Open Your Data!

Written by Jesse Scaccia.

Our communities thrive when citizens see no line of demarcation between them and their government. When we all feel ownership over our shared space, and feel responsibility to use our talents and energy to make it better, this both strengthens our government and renders it less necessary.

This Local Music Scene I Love

Written by Scott Slay.

When I was kid, I asked my dad for a ‘tiny guitar’ after watching Sam Bush play one at a festival in Southern Alabama when I was 6 years old. I found out a few weeks later, on Christmas day, that my ‘tiny guitar’ was indeed an ‘F-style’ mandolin.