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"Ragtime the Musical"; A couple's take on an American musical

Written by Skye Zentz.

I'd like to start off by clarifying that my husband Gabriel and I are each somewhat biased reviewers of this particular show. In my case, I grew up on it. Ragtime was the first NEW Broadway show I saw as a young tween in the nineties, and I listened to the soundtrack tirelessly through my middle school and high school years.

Letter: Demand Climate Policy Change

Written by Brittany Hall.

On November 30th world leaders plan to have a meeting at the UN COP21 summit in Paris. The objective is to discuss and establish laws and regulations concerning climate change. Last year during the UN COP20 summit over 400,000 people assembled in the streets of NYC to demand climate policy change.

They've Come a Long Way Since Playing Cogan's: Coheed and Cambria's Travis Stever

Written by Josh Coplon.

Coheed and Cambria will be returning to Norfolk on December 4th to perform at night six of the absolutely wonderful 96X Winter Meltdown. If you’re just now hearing about this, it’s unfortunately too late as the show was just announced officially sold-out the other day. This was also the 4th show of the meltdown to sell-out, with others likely close behind.

Hampton Roads Black Friday Local Shopping Guide 2015

Written by Stephanie Harris.

So, you want to get out on Black Friday and shop till you drop? Let’s suggest dropping in on our local area stores for gift giving this season. Why? Here are a few reasons: 1. Local supports local; 2. Our local places are awesome and creative and offer gifts like no other; and 3. An angel gets its wings when you shop local (I’m pretty sure that is true).

10 Reasons to Love Great Bridge in Chesapeake

Written by Rachel Burns.

Chesapeake is a city defined by its neighborhoods. Greenbrier, Western Branch, Deep Creek, South Norfolk, Great Bridge, Hickory - all of these areas are unique and the people who live there are a little fierce about it. I live in Hickory - the southernmost section of Chesapeake, about five minutes from the state line.


When people tell me they also live in Hickory, depending on where they actually live, I’ve been know to say, “You live in South Great Bridge. You don’t live in Hickory until you’re on well water.” Fierce.

At O'Connors: Psychadelia, Southern Gothic, and Country Jams - A Review of the Mirrors, Susto, and the Futurebirds

Written by Jeff Hewitt.

Certainly some barbaric sliver of my inner bastard yearns to write a piece so brutal, so blindingly scathing, that it chases a band not only out of town but entirely out of the music business altogether. To craft a collection of words so vile that it summons forth the furiously indignant shade of Hendrix. Setting their instruments ablaze while we all cackle with unsuppressed glee. Roasting staypuffs over the smoldering remains of their o'erpriced Gibsons.