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Your New Hampton Roads Holiday Tradition: Dickens’ Christmas Towne

Written by Stephanie Harris.

Many of us have holiday traditions. Some of my family’s traditions include baking cookies together each year, watching Elf, and visiting with friends and family. One year, we took our kids to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens thinking that we could make that a new tradition. We had a blast, spent way too much, and made magical memories that year. The problem with creating traditions is having the ability to fund them each year.

Open Letter to the Cities of Norfolk & Virginia Beach Regarding Marijuana Reform

Written by Michael Wade.

What a crazy week it has been. Our previous article on marijuana decriminalization in Virginia must have struck a nerve, as our Change.org petition gained over a thousand supporters within 24 hours of publishing! Thanks everyone for your support thus far. While having the voice of the many is powerful and important, having the voice of the powerful and important is even more instrumental in enacting change at the higher levels of government.

The Mystery of What the Texaco Building Will Be, Revealed: Work|Release

Written by Jesse Scaccia.

"All too often, it seems that cities designate an arts district in a location and then that area quickly gentrifies, pricing out the creative community it was meant to serve. Rutter Family Art Foundation also hopes to ensure that the foundation for Norfolk’s new arts district is at least a small bulwark against a rapid gentrification of the area." - Rutter Family Art Foundation

New to the Neighborhood: Triumph Vaping

Written by Jesse Scaccia.

If you've noticed a fog at the corner of Granby and Virginia Beach Boulevard in the Norfolk Arts District, it's not construction dust from the Texaco Building or a residual effect from El Niño. It's the newest business in the neighborhood: Triumph Vaping, which has taken over what was the Daevid's Bridal space.