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IYRTP: Paul Fraim, Just Helping Out A Friend?

Written by Christopher O'Brien.

Howdy, Hampton Roads! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, guess we’re all still nursing hangovers from the long weekend. It’s just that we’re so excited about the news this week: Paul Fraim takes on the Gov, DIY Mexican demon summoning, more beer in Ghent, fake cadavers, flag shenanigans, and of course, Tay. Read on!

The Characters of Tidewater Comicon

Written by Lindsey Kelly.

Tidewater Comicon was this weekend, May 16-17. The Virginia Beach Convention Center drew fans of all types imaginable- not only comic book geeks, but Bronies, Whovians, Trekkers and Browncoats, along with superheroes, heroines and villains.

Reasons to Leave Your House: Memorial Day 2015 Edition

Written by Stephanie Harris.

It is Memorial Day Weekend, and there are many events going on, but more importantly, we remember that the lives we enjoy today are thanks to the many sacrifices made by those who die in service of the United States of America. To the families that gather to remember loved ones this weekend, we salute you. To those who put their lives in harm’s way for us all, we thank you.

When to Cry over Spilt Milk: Thoughts on Harvey Milk Day

Written by Kyle Poulin.

Remembering our past is an integral part of advancing our future; we need to see the good we’ve done and use it to inspire us to make unrelenting progress. How much has the LGBT community progressed since Harvey Milk was ardently advising all young people to come out for themselves, and in turn, each other?