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Local Guide: 48 Hours in Norfolk with a Family

Written by Stephanie Harris.

So, you have 48-hours to check out the great city of Norfolk. The city has been around since 1682, so how do you choose what to do? There is so much to offer a family in the Mermaid City, but here's my list of attractions, restaurants, and special spots that aren't to be missed. I love it here; after these two days, anyone visiting would too.

Reasons to Leave Your House: Celebrating the Magic of Craft Beer Month Before it’s Gone Edition

Written by Stephanie Harris.


6-9pm: Say goodbye to summer in style at Cure Coffeehouse and Brasserie during the Bold Rock pint night and Folk Jam. You’ll get to drink some cider and enjoy some tunes.

6-10pm: Grab a blanket or chair and enjoy Hey! Hey! Hooligan at Thursdays by the Lake at the Mariners’ Museum & Park.

6-8pm: Need to prep for the upcoming Fall parties? Take a Centerpiece Class at The Bonbonnier.

Review of Idina Menzel – Chrysler Hall August 26, 2015

Written by Penny Neef.

I wondered who was going to show up Wednesday night at Chrysler Hall to see Idina Menzel perform. The 8:00 pm start time seemed late for little girls dressed up in blue Elza gowns to hear the Oscar winning song, “Let It Go.” There were a few little girls there, but they had to wait until the finale to hear that song--more about that later.

IYRTP: ODU Makes National Headlines, But Not the Good Kind

Written by Christopher O'Brien.

Sorry kids, it’s just me this week. Laura Watkins is off on a supersecret assignment and you wouldn’t believe it if I told you anyway (#hashtagehints #ChineseStockMarket #Lemurs #MalaysianAirlines #GraciousLivingRetirmentCommunity, I’ve already said too much). This week, I’m talking about ODU, Donald Trump, Katrina after ten years, and the National Parks.

Op-ed: Dominion, Thy Name is Power

Written by Mike Rau.

This week, I want to first share a story that likely flew under most people’s radar, then tie it in with a larger problem that the Pilot has reported extensively about. Let’s peel back another layer of this particularly stinky onion.